TabletennisAs part of a commitment to promote healthier lifestyles among its employees, Triangle are challenging local businesses to come and test their table tennis skills at their headquarters near Bristol.

Table Tennis is taking the country by storm, with tables popping up everywhere.

Aled from Table Tennis UK is at the centre of the project to get businesses in Bristol getting staff and visitors into the game.

“Table Tennis is accessible to anyone, the benefits to businesses and Schools have been clear to see,” he says. “It’s great to have Triangle’s support, and we’ve been encouraged by their positive approach to getting staff on their feet and all involved.”

The new table has taken pride of place in the previously empty atrium area of the Triangle offices, and has been a real hit with the team.

If you think your skills are up to the challenge, please get in touch.

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Third party cloud services like email, data hosting and voice over IP have become an increasing part of many small business’ day to day operations.

Because these cloud services are delivered entirely through the internet, like your Gmail, Drop Box or Skype would be at home, reliable access to the internet has become vital.

But in business parks and retail areas situated outside large cities, the infrastructure doesn’t provide the required reliability. The ongoing ‘roll out’ of super-fast internet by BT Openreach at least offers businesses a bit more bandwidth, at some point in the future, but it doesn’t solve the issue of reliability.

The rock solid connectivity that many businesses assume their provider will deliver, often comes at a cost that can only be met by larger businesses and educational organisations; in excess of £300 a month, out of reach for many smaller firms.

As a result, many businesses face an uncomfortable trade-off between reliability and cost, with nothing in between. Until now.

With the introduction of the government’s Connected Vouchers scheme, businesses can now fund some of the infrastructure requirements themselves, bringing the price down significantly.

Since becoming an ISP two years ago, Triangle Networks (known to many previously as Triangle Telecom) have been working on raising the standards of connectivity available to smaller businesses in the South West.

Following a key technology partnership that provides capability to install and manage infrastructure directly, Triangle can now offer site-specific Ethernet services at highly competitive prices.

The specialist aviation training organisation Bristol Groundschool located in the Kenn business park area have been the first to adopt this innovative new service.

Bristol Groundschool’s Managing Director Alex Whittingham says “It feels good to have confidence in our internet connection, and we are pleased that the service has been delivered efficiently and at a reasonable price”

Triangle’s Managing Director Paul Anslow comments

“Small businesses don’t have to wait months or even years for BT Openreach to roll out super-fast Broadband in their area”

“The truth is, it’s not financially viable for BT to prioritise business parks over the many thousands of homes still waiting for the service,” he says. “But fortunately we’ve come up with a reliable, cost effective solution. This is a new service that no one else is providing, so I commend Bristol Groundschool for their early adopter approach. I’m pleased they’ve had such a positive experience so quickly.”

To get connected, contact us on 01275 871122

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Triangle Telecom are proud to have gained an enviable reputation for customer service during our 11 years of trading. Our ability to provide a consistently high customer experience comes down largely to our flexibility. During our 11 years, we’ve had to adapt and change to enable us to provide our customers with the business communications technologies that keep them at the top of their game.

We’ve seen traditional calls and line services increasingly give way to combined call, video and internet communications. We’ve reached a point where many businesses live and die based on the quality of their internet connection strategy.

Triangle is equally proud to have met this change in technology with a raft of advanced new network investment and cutting edge web development. Such is our success that Triangle are now a leading SME business ISP for Bristol and North Somerset.

Part of our strategy for 2015 is a change in name that shows the world what sort of company we have become. We are excited to announce that Triangle Telecom will now be known as Triangle Networks.

More than ever businesses need a host of cloud services, data backup facilities, reliably fast internet, and a hybrid approach to their communications. Triangle Networks enable all of these through our unlimited broadband service and super-fast, super-reliable, Gigabit Ethernet platforms.  In addition, our Hive WiFi ( service is a gateway to enhanced social media presence.

“Changing our name is an important part of our strategy for 2015.  We want to demonstrate our commitment to the future of communications to our partners and customers. We recognise the part that the internet plays in delivering voice and data services, our name change reflects that.” Paul Anslow – Managing Director, Triangle Networks

For more information regarding ‘Super-reliable’ ‘Uber-mega-net’ connectivity, email us on or register your interest at

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Business customers need to be better informed of the precautions necessary against telephone fraud, says Paul Anslow, MD of South West-based communications provider Triangle.

15308122_loresHosting a session at the AGM of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), Paul made a number of best practice recommendations for telecoms resellers and service providers.

Telephone fraud has increased significantly in the UK recently, and can prove costly for businesses targeted by fraudsters.

“Work has been carried out to address standards in Voice over IP, but landline services are less easy to control, as real time line monitoring is not available,” said Paul. “Call logging and similar hardware solutions do help, but they can be costly.”

As a landline and VoIP provider, Triangle has been able to offer some useful insights into the differences between VoIP and landlines, and how to have a joined up approach to this issue. Triangle’s specially designed combined landline and VoIP solution was created with these issues in mind.

“What we really need to do is make sure customers are well informed and know what they can do to protect themselves, but also make sure that the financial impact is limited as much as possible,” added Paul.

“As part of the best practice criteria, we have included a promise to all customers not to profit from fraudulent calls,” he said. “Disappointingly this value is not a policy that all providers recognise.”

The session was the brainchild of FCS CEO Chris Pateman and Cathy Gerosa Head of Regulatory Affairs, but indicative of the great work carried out by the team at the FCS.

If you would like to know more about the steps that can be taken against telephone fraud, contact us on 01275 871122.

Special thanks to Chris Renton for the photography.

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Triangle Telecom, which is also an internet service provider, is based in The Triangle and has gone from strength to strength over the past decade under the guidance of managing director, Paul Anslow.

paulPaul, who is also the chairman of the Clevedon Chamber of Commerce, said: “Like any business, the first year or two were challenging but we had clear targets and a growing customer base, many of which are still with us to this day.

“Almost seven years ago we started developing voice over IP services, quickly realising that the internet was the key to all communications, which has led to us becoming an internet service provider alongside a number of household names.”

The business, which currently employs 16 people and recently moved into larger premises, has developed a number of its own products and services including Hive Wi-Fi, which is sold as far afield as Saudi Arabia, and Paul has big plans for the company’s future.

He added: “We are in a great place at the moment.

“We have so many ideas, great customers and some very proactive partners.

“Our main focus is to bring fast, reliable internet to our customers, most of which are SME businesses going through their own growth stages.

“We will of course do everything we can to grow in the way that we have been doing and enjoy the next 10 years as much as the last.”

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They were supported on their journey by the Triangle Telecom Ranger (normally found carrying a Satellite dish), on this occasion it offered a secure place for tools and a comfortable spot for resting.  No rest for this team of friends though, as they hurtled from peak to peak, and back in just a few days.

The team arrived back at the Bristol Children’s Hospital after 7 gruelling days on Friday 29th August having climbed around 3,400 metres and cycled over 600

ChequeNot only have they achieved a staggering feat, but they have raised £21,654 for the Wallace and Gromit Appeal.

We are proud to have been able to help the team, and are looking forward to celebrating the completion of their challenge at the Grand Party on Saturday 4th October 2014.

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Bob Irwin and Jamie Butt, who both work for Triangle Telecom in Hill Road, have set themselves the task of running at least ten 10km races as well as four half-marathons by the end of the year but will fit in more if they can.

So far, they have completed two half-marathons and four 10km events. The duo intend to take part in the Clevedon 10k on Tuesday next week.

GHJBThey have also registered to take part in the Bristol Half- Marathon, the Royal Parks Foundation Half-Marathon and the Ashton Court 10k.

In most of the events completed so far, the friends have run together. However, Bob also took on a 10k in Hollywood while on holiday earlier in the year.

Bob, aged 32 of Hill Road, Clevedon, said: “Prostate cancer is a big problem in the UK and across the world with very little known about it compared to breast cancer.

“Jamie and I have decided to run throughout the year to raise money for this charity.”

Jamie, aged 22 of Greenslade Gardens, Nailsea, said: “My granddad passed away from prostate cancer and my grampy is also currently suffering from it.

“I want to raise money to help fund research and find a cure.”

Bob and Jamie have a target of reaching at least £1,000 but hope to raise even more for the cause. So far they have collected £561.

■ Anyone wishing to sponsor Bob and Jamie can do so online at or by texting BOBI76 and the amount (£5) to 70070.

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Jj65TqKHive WiFi offers customers a secure WiFi service with a number of benefits not available with more traditional options.

A number of the early users of the service have gathered more than 100 Facebook ‘Likes’ which they have used to promote their special offers, but also to find out who their customers are so that they can tailor the service they provide accordingly.

Users log-in using social media accounts, giving the WiFi provider an immediate connection with them, which they will use to stay in touch.

For more information take a look at our website

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