CityFibre and Triangle Networks – A great launch partnership and an AWARD WINNING internet service

It’s been a tremendous first year for the Gigabit City Project in Bristol spearheaded by Triangle Networks and digital infrastructure provider, CityFibre. Together, we’ve helped transform businesses with full fibre connectivity, taking businesses from slow and inconsistent internet access all across the city to a bandwidth haven of gigabit internet speeds, at prices far lower than previously available.

For many customers, the speed of the connection has changed the way their business operates for the better. Our friends at Wildseed Studios commented: “Having the speed is great, but more importantly the gigabit connection has given us flexibility. It’s added an agility and quality into our production process we haven’t seen before.

Triangle Award

“We’ve received comments like this from a number of the first adopters, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in the wider community. In late June, to cap the end of the Gigabit City project’s first year, Triangle and CityFibre were delighted to receive the ‘Best Use of Technology and Innovation’ award at this year’s Bristol Post Awards, fighting off some stiff competition.

This is a technological leap forward for Bristol but also a huge step for Triangle. We were very proud to receive the recognition of our hard work and look forward to future projects with CityFibre, replicating what we’ve done in Bristol elsewhere in the UK.

 Heading into the future in Bristol, the project becomes ever more important as the data explosion constricts bandwidth on lesser copper and part-fibre connections more and more over time. But where there’s an issue, Triangle and CityFibre have the solution and will be delighted to help more businesses transform their connectivity in the second year of the exciting Gigabit City project”.

Paul Anslow – Managing Director, Triangle Networks

If you’d like to learn more about Triangle Networks and gigabit speed connectivity visit our web page or call us on 01275 871122.

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