Coders visit the home of code-cracking supported by Triangle Networks.

We were proud to be able to support the A-level students in their visit to Bletchley Park last month, as they completed a number of work experience sessions with various members of the Triangle Networks team.

Guided by Iain Major of Clevedon School, the group have gained valuable experience during this programme, growing their understanding of how their role as developers and product technicians contributes to a company’s success, investigating the importance of data for businesses of all sizes.

Their visit to Bletchley Park marked the end of their first year of a two-year A-Level in Computer Science. They learnt a great deal about the real-life challenges of the military in solving one of the most famous mathematical problems. No doubt this inquisitive and investigative group thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Bletchley Park, and the remainder of their time at Clevedon School.

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to support them!

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