Why wait for super-fast broadband?

Third party cloud services like email, data hosting and voice over IP have become an increasing part of many small business’ day to day operations.

Because these cloud services are delivered entirely through the internet, like your Gmail, Drop Box or Skype would be at home, reliable access to the internet has become vital.

But in business parks and retail areas situated outside large cities, the infrastructure doesn’t provide the required reliability. The ongoing ‘roll out’ of super-fast internet by BT Openreach at least offers businesses a bit more bandwidth, at some point in the future, but it doesn’t solve the issue of reliability.

The rock solid connectivity that many businesses assume their provider will deliver, often comes at a cost that can only be met by larger businesses and educational organisations; in excess of £300 a month, out of reach for many smaller firms.

As a result, many businesses face an uncomfortable trade-off between reliability and cost, with nothing in between. Until now.

With the introduction of the government’s Connected Vouchers scheme, businesses can now fund some of the infrastructure requirements themselves, bringing the price down significantly.

Since becoming an ISP two years ago, Triangle Networks (known to many previously as Triangle Telecom) have been working on raising the standards of connectivity available to smaller businesses in the South West.

Following a key technology partnership that provides capability to install and manage infrastructure directly, Triangle can now offer site-specific Ethernet services at highly competitive prices.

The specialist aviation training organisation Bristol Groundschool located in the Kenn business park area have been the first to adopt this innovative new service.

Bristol Groundschool’s Managing Director Alex Whittingham says “It feels good to have confidence in our internet connection, and we are pleased that the service has been delivered efficiently and at a reasonable price”

Triangle’s Managing Director Paul Anslow comments

“Small businesses don’t have to wait months or even years for BT Openreach to roll out super-fast Broadband in their area”

“The truth is, it’s not financially viable for BT to prioritise business parks over the many thousands of homes still waiting for the service,” he says. “But fortunately we’ve come up with a reliable, cost effective solution. This is a new service that no one else is providing, so I commend Bristol Groundschool for their early adopter approach. I’m pleased they’ve had such a positive experience so quickly.”

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