Introducing Triangle Networks

Triangle Telecom are proud to have gained an enviable reputation for customer service during our 11 years of trading. Our ability to provide a consistently high customer experience comes down largely to our flexibility. During our 11 years, we’ve had to adapt and change to enable us to provide our customers with the business communications technologies that keep them at the top of their game.

We’ve seen traditional calls and line services increasingly give way to combined call, video and internet communications. We’ve reached a point where many businesses live and die based on the quality of their internet connection strategy.

Triangle is equally proud to have met this change in technology with a raft of advanced new network investment and cutting edge web development. Such is our success that Triangle are now a leading SME business ISP for Bristol and North Somerset.

Part of our strategy for 2015 is a change in name that shows the world what sort of company we have become. We are excited to announce that Triangle Telecom will now be known as Triangle Networks.

More than ever businesses need a host of cloud services, data backup facilities, reliably fast internet, and a hybrid approach to their communications. Triangle Networks enable all of these through our unlimited broadband service and super-fast, super-reliable, Gigabit Ethernet platforms.  In addition, our Hive WiFi ( service is a gateway to enhanced social media presence.

“Changing our name is an important part of our strategy for 2015.  We want to demonstrate our commitment to the future of communications to our partners and customers. We recognise the part that the internet plays in delivering voice and data services, our name change reflects that.” Paul Anslow – Managing Director, Triangle Networks

For more information regarding ‘Super-reliable’ ‘Uber-mega-net’ connectivity, email us on or register your interest at

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