Bristol Tech businesses launch jargon busting app

Triangle Networks and SeeThru Networks have joined forces to help the city cut through the jargon and confusion around internet support, as lockdown makes us more reliant than ever on our digital infrastructure.

We are please to be joining forces with our friends at SeeThru Networks as they release a public facing app, to offer users clear, accurate and easy to understand updates and information for their connectivity.

The SeeThru app also gives real time updates on the status of services such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and Zoom – which have each soared in popularity during the current crisis, keeping us connected to colleagues, family and friends.

It is not uncommon for members of the public to find themselves confused by the internet, far more than their other household utilities. All too often, members of the public are ill-informed as to whether an issue lies at their end, or the end of the provider. For Triangle and SeeThru, transparency is at the heart of our motivation for the new app.

Paul Anslow, Managing Director of Triangle Networks commented:

“This is a major problem for smaller and mainstream internet service providers. All too often people are baffled by the jargon of connectivity and our mission is to create a more transparent and two way relationship between householders, businesses and their ISP.

“In recent weeks thousands of people nationwide lost internet access as services struggled to keep up with the weight of demand, with many customers taking to social media to voice their concerns with the responses and updates of internet providers.

Paul added: “People often feel frustrated by troubleshooting and vent those frustrations publicly, but a simplified, transparent  approach, will help to change this and preserve valuable  customer relationships.”

SeeThru Network’s Nick Randall commented:

“As someone in the field of tech services and support, I know how tricky it can be for customers to cut through all of the jargon and just get a plain layman’s answer of what the problem is and why it’s happening.”

“We originally created this app for our partner Triangle Networks, building their operational experience into an automated platform to better diagnose customer Internet connectivity issues. Given the current state of play in the country, Triangle felt that opening it out to the wider public was absolutely the right thing to do. This will give consumers a diagnostic tool for the Internet that people can use to their own purposes, independent of a specific relationship with Triangle Networks.”

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